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The Burns Family - Jim, Amy, Joshua, Jordan and Alyssa all share a passion for the outdoors. 

  Jim was determined to pursue a wildlife-related career since childhood.  He graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point with a Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resource Management including an emphasis in Environmental Education/Interpretation.  It was during Jim's college years that a series of events brought him to embrace the creation model of origins with the eventual goal of establishing a creation ministry.  Upon moving to Southwest Michigan in 1989, Jim joined a wildlife control franchise and operated a branch office in Kalamazoo for ten years.  In 1991 he met a mate equally passionate about God's creation - Amy.  The couple was married a year later.  Amy gave birth to the triplets in 1997.  In 2001 Jim founded Wildlife Wranglers, LLC - a wildlife damage management firm ( ) which he continues to own and operate to this day.  Jim's dream of launching a creation ministry came true in the year 2000 when he founded the Trinity Creation Education Center at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Paw Paw, Michigan.  Jim continues to direct this branch ministry of the Evangelism Board while being a member of the Missouri Synod congregation.  Jim enjoys raising the couple's three children and partaking in all of the outdoor-related activities mentioned on this site.

Amy grew up a country girl in northwest Kalamazoo County where she enjoyed raising her dogs and horses.  She enjoys gardening, bird watching, camping, canoeing, kayaking, biking, hiking, cross country skiing, and road trips.  Amy divides her time between her Vice Presidential duties at Wildlife Wranglers, LLC and the homeschooling of Alyssa, Jordan and Joshua.  She currently holds the position of Librarian for the Kalamazoo Area Home School Association.  

Alyssa enjoys biking, hiking, cross country running/skiing and road trips.  She also enjoys working with Natika - her Siberian husky. 

Jordan was responsible for getting the whole family into Indian artifact collecting and native wildflower gardening. He also likes to fish, as well as run cross-country. His fascination with technology has led him to implement electronic advancements into all of his hobbies.  

Joshua loves astronomy - viewing planets, comets, stars and galaxies through his telescope.  He enjoys hunting, fishing, cross-country running, biking, hiking and nature photography.

                                               What we believe:

  • The Holy Bible is the inerrant/inspired written Word of God (2 Timothy 3:16) which tells us about God, what He has done and what He wants for our lives.  Additionally, the Bible tells us about ourselves - how God made us and how sin came into the world.  Ultimately, the Bible tells us about Jesus - the Savior whom God sent to rescue us from our sins (Romans 15:4-7).  
  • The universe was created in six, 24-hour days by direct creative acts of God (Genesis 1).  Whatever biological changes have occurred since Creation Week have accomplished only changes within the original created kinds (Genesis 1:24-25).  
  • The Great Flood described in Genesis was a historical event worldwide in its extent and effect (Genesis 7:17-24).  
  • Although the lineages listed in the Bible cannot give us an exact count of 6,000 years for the age of the world, the earth and universe are definitely "young" - most likely in the range of 6 to 10,000 years (at the time of this February 2014 draft).  
  • The Biblical view of creation is important not only for what it says about where everything came from, but for what it says about life on earth today.  Therefore we consider creation in terms of its present character (Romans 1:20).  
  • Humankind's fall into sin resulted in a curse placed by God on all of creation - including the non-human creation (Romans 8:19-23).  
  • God has placed humankind on the earth to exercise dominion (Genesis 1:28) over all of creation with stewardship in mind (Genesis 2:15).  We believe that homesteading (Genesis 1:29), hunting (Genesis 9:3), fishing (John 21:5-13) and fur harvesting (Genesis 3:21) are worthy pursuits if conducted responsibly.  
  • Nature, as defined as the physical universe and the laws and forces which govern changes within it, is something to be respected, wisely used and enjoyed in that it reflects the awesome handiwork of its Creator (Job 38 & 39).  Nature was never intended to be an object of worship (Romans 1:21-25).
  • When confronted with earthly matters where the Scriptures are silent (adiaphora), we look to natural law and employ the principles of logic and reasoning in our attempts to arrive at "answers."
  • Our permanent home will not be earth (2 Peter 3:10-13), but a place called "Heaven" in which only those who believe in Christ Jesus can enter (John 10:9).  

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