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AiC finds the following entities valuable sources of information.  *Disclaimer:  AiC has no affiliation with the following entities and may not agree with all the statements, products and services of such entities.

AiG is headed up by well-known creation apologist and evangelist Ken Ham.  Lots of valuable info. on this site in regards to the creation/evolution issue.

The Creation Museum, located in northern Kentucky, is run by Answers in Genesis and currently is the largest museum in the world showcasing the young earth creation model of origins.  A "must see" museum for anyone interested in the creation/evolution debate!

The oldest young earth creation organization with a scientific research facility located in Chino Valley, Arizona.  Several Bible-believing Lutherans were charter members.  

A website dedicated to open dialog on various creation-related topics.  

This organization's website is Jim's personal favorite for origin science news and analysis.  

The father of the modern day creation science movement, Dr. Henry Morris, founded this organization for the advancement of creation science.  

This organization has been out-spoken against the Green Movement including the belief that humans are responsible for climate change.  

A Lansing, Michigan based organization founded by creation-advocate Doug Sharp.  Lots of educational media are featured on this site.  

This popular natural-resource news outlet is Jim's personal choice for catching up on the latest headlines regarding all-things outdoors developing from around the state.

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